Camera Trigger - store dataflash log

Hi, im using Pixhawk in RC10 to trigger a camera, but i wanna know if Pixhawk store automatically in dataflash log Position, trigger time, etc… for later Geotaggin the Images or i need activate a parameter for store datas or CAM Messages?

I read this: … n-planner/

And in CAM Messages part:

“When using this geotag method, Mission Planner will use the exact information recorded in the CAM Message (at the time of the trigger) to geotag a picture.”

I need activate DO_DIGICAM_CONTROL, by a DO_SET_CAM_TRIGG_DIST?, this is store position for geotaggin later?

I found the answer, you can activate the camera time and position when camera shutter was activated in Terminal, and write “enable camera” for store in dataflash log this parameters.

For other people, in this page can read about that : … n-planner/