Camera trigger flag

Hello everyone,

I was seeing in Arduplane 3.1.0 and I have discovered that there is no actually implemented a CAMERA_TRIGGERED_FLAG or something like that for give truly raw or visual data about camera status in GCS (APM Planner, Mission Planner, OSD,…).

I can see in GitHub, in libraries, that a developer has included and activated a few days ago CAMERA_FEEDBACK, but I think that his pull request not include the CAMERA_FEEDBACK_ENUM_FLAGS options, so there is not information about when the camera is triggered, just are included time, coordinates and attitude of the camera in the moment of the shot.

If I understand, there are two MAVLINK_MESSAGE_ID that concern about CAMERA:

1.- CAMERA_STATUS: Camera sends some information to the Ardupilot, not through GCS.
2.- CAMERA_FEEDBACK: Ardupilot sends some information to the Camera and GCS through Mavlink datastreams.

I think that CAMERA_FEEDBACK could be a good thing in next release of Arduplane code (and Rover, Copter, Boat…). It has a predefined FLAGS with important information about camera. With them we can know for example if the relay or servo have been activated when ardupilot sends the order to trigger a camera. Those options will allow to us known if we are taking pictures or video correctly while our drone makes a mission. It could be visualize in MinimOSD (or MAVLINK compatible OSD or GCS).

Thanks for your time and your effort.

Regards from Spain,

I think that this is a great idea. When you are flying long missions, 45min+, it would be nice to know that the camera is being triggered.