Camera trig/feedback trouble. missing CAMERA_FEEDBACK on mavlink, CAM in dataflash

4.1.3 - running on my desktop, no GNSS. So I do not expect positions.
most params are default,

RC8_OPTION = 9 # camera
CAM_FEEDBACK_POL = 0 #tried both 0,1

I powered the servo rail.
When I send a camera trigger command, the Servo does move.

I see no CAMERA_FEEDBACK telemetry packet.
When I rise/lower AUX1 pin while armed, I’d expect the dataflashlog to contain CAM messages per photo - but it does not.

So: no telemetry or dataflash indicate the shutter command, or the feedback pin input.

How about TRIG?

Yes, TRIG log-messages appear as expected

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This is a rather serious bug, killing basic photogrammetry and other payload positioning.
I’ve submitted this issue:

@rmackay9 - can you please make sure somebody looks into this?
This is a rather significant issue for the precise positioning of scientific data collection - or even basic photogrammetry.

hmm, suddenly it works as expected - most likely a cockup on my end. Sorry.