Camera gimbal doesn't work with DO_SET_ROI

My camera gimbal pitch on AlexMos was working with DO_SET_ROI on 3.1.5 Pixhawk in AUTO mode.

After upgrading to 3.2rc7 it is not working any more. My gimbal is connected and work becouse i can set it manualy by rc6 (on both conections aux2 and 6). I dont set “stabilize”.

I attached a log with first flight then the gimbal pitch is connected to aux2, and the second flight connected to engine 6 output. Mission is simple to fly with do_set_roi bellow quadrocopter. On second fligt RCOU Chan6 is flat so i think that something can be wrong in the config, but what?

I accidentally discovered that I need to reverse logic of gimbal (min pwm->max gimbal 90, max pwm->min gimbal 0) and DO_SET_ROI start to work.