Camera Gimbal - Can't control via RCIn


I’ve been trying to get my Feiyu MiNi 3D Pro working in conjunction with ArduCopter.
This Gimbal has 3 PWM Pins for Tilt, Pan and Mode switch, aswell as a Ground.

It’s connected to my PX4 FMU PWM OUT like so :

CH1 -> AUX1 -> Tilt
CH2 -> AUX2 -> Pan
CH3 -> AUX3 -> Mode + GND

Now i set up the corresponding Channels in Mission Planner :slight_smile:
SERVO9 -> Tilt (Including RC9 Input)
SERVO10 -> Pan (Including RC10 Input)

and i can successfully use “Point Camera here” on MissionPlanner’s Map, however i am unable to control the Gimbal via RC.

The Mode is irrevelant in this case, as the Gimbal is always in Tilt Mode and can optionally be set to Pan Mode to control Tilt & Pan simultaneously.

-checked a couple of Params from various Forum entries (for examle the BR Safety Mask)
-tested controlling Tilt after arming the copter (i thought maybe Failsafe was an issue, according to this
-tested controlling right after powering copter without using “Point Camera here” (based on my suspicion that ArduCopter might make the Gimbal control exclusive)

Any and every help is appreciated :slight_smile:

Edit 1: Attached Params List
S500.param (17.6 KB)


I have the exact same problem on a rover. Is the gimbal feature broken?

It should generally be working - we test that RC input can move the gimbal
in our autotest suite:

The OP didn’t mention setting MNT_RC_IN_ROLL and friends - 'though they
might be hidden in interfaces in MissionPlanner somehwere.