Calibrating the ESCs on a 2-motor-plane?


I have a plane with two motors, each with its own ESCs.
Using Pixhawk 2.1 and ArduPlane 3.9.5.

How do I calibrate the ESCs?

Alternative 1. In Mission Planner there is an ESC calibration method (plane) which says “ESC Calibration (AC3.3+)” which is NOT plane. I have calibrated through this, but not sure if its right. But the directions in Mission Planner says to unplug the USB-cable. What USB-cable? The USB-cable between computer and Pixhawk or USB-cable to SIK-telemetry radio? Why the last one? And press button on Here+ when LEDs on Here+ flashes (which they do all the time on the Here+)… which flashing? There is a fast cycling flashing for a very short time. Should I press the button during the fast flash or after?
Cant find a manual for this on the internet.

Or alternative 2. Using Docs » Setup for Plane » Plane Configuration » ESC Calibration?

Hi buddy i have a number of plane that are twins on a cube
the best and easy es way is to plug Y-lead into your throttle port on your receiver and plug 2 esc into the Y-lead
power on the TX put the TX full throttle and then power on the receiver and esc as soon as the esc beep put the throttle to all the down and you should be good to go

remember no props

We found out that there are 5 ways to calibrate the ESCs on a plane.

  1. The one you said above (we used this, works spendid, standard)
  2. Using ESC Calibration in Mission Planner, but that one is for Copter 3.3+ … in ArduPlane. Nope! =)
  3. ArduPilot-manual have one way: Disabel safety-switch (how?), follow the guide, but the motors dont beeps at it should, never got this to work.
  4. ArduPilot-manual also have another way, Alternative ESC calibration. Use props, have an rpm-meter, test with low speed and full speed and then follow the guide. Too risky.
  5. I dont remember which one it was… but we found another guide somewhere, didnt work anyway