Calibrate ESC with Joystick (I dont have RC Radio Controller)

Hello Guys! I’m trying to calibrate 2 ESC’s for a rover with skid steers using mission planner. I need to calibrate this 2 ESC’s with a joystick xbox 360 controller, can you guys help me how to do this?

I’m using a APM 2.8 with Ardurover 4.1 version.

The APM Flight Controller hasn’t been supported by Ardurover since V2.50 many years ago.

I can see the joystick working well in radio configurations, its really not possible to use the joystick to setup this?

What Dave said is, your APM2.8 is not running Ardurover version 4.1, but rather version 2.5 or 2.51beta.
It might very well be possible to control the rover with a joystick, but do not rely on any setup wizards or GUI setup pages in a recent version of Missionplanner. Use an old version of MP or configure everything using the “full parameter list”. ESC calibration might be one of the things that do not work.

Thank you for answer so fast. You can help me understand what is “Full parameter list” and how to use and old version of Mission Planner?

About the ESC Configuration, if i do manual with a servo tester or something like this, in a form that the esc would be configurated without the APM, and previously connect at the APM, can i have good results with the joystick?

You can find old versions of Missionplanner here:

I never used ESC calibration for my rovers, but that may be related to the ESCs I am using. Check how your ESCs work with the APM and if they need calibration at all.
I can not tell you what results you will get, APM 2.8 is really old and many recent firmware improvements are not available for it.

I will try to configure the rover with the informations you gave me. What version of MP you recommend me to use? Knowing i am using a APM 2.8.

The ESC that i’m using is a Brushed ESC 320A

I can not give you an advice on which version to use. Old, unused knowledge gets deleted.:wink: Perhaps @dkemxr (still) knows…

@dkemxr can you help me?

As Sebastian says it’s hard to remember how things worked from 2015 with 100’s of changes since. I threw away the last APM I had a few years ago so nothing to test with. But I agree, don’t worry about ESC calibration initially. If you have neutral at mid stick it’s probably good enough.