Calibrate Accelerometer - FAILED!


After hours trying and searching I need help…Just can’t calibrate my Quad…Alaways getting Calibration Failed with some values I don’t know…

Can someone help me please?

Best Regards,

I think the problem is here:

Line 479

// sanity check offsets (3.5 is roughly 3/10th of a G, 5.0 is roughly half a G)
if( accel_offsets.is_nan() || fabsf(accel_offsets.x) > 3.5f || fabsf(accel_offsets.y) > 3.5f || fabsf(accel_offsets.z) > 3.5f ) {
success = false;

Offsets: 1.68 -3.63 -2.12
Scaling: 0.99 0.97 1.00

Since I always got a value higher than 3.5 I will get failed all the time…

Should I change this code to match my values?