C discharge rating of "official" SkyViper v2450 GPS batteries?

That’s the question. Does anyone know the claimed “C” discharge rating for the standard “official” batteries? Thanks.

My guess is you’d have a lot better chance of getting your question answered here
We try to answer questions here, but normally focus on software and functionality. Someone may know but in case not, you could try skyrocketon’s support page linked above. They might be willing to give that info, especially since their 1200mah batteries are no where to be found in stores at the moment.

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I’ve asked over there. I’ll report back here if I get a definitive answer. Thanks.

Already got an answer! They’re 30C. I’m following up to try find out if there’s a bit of headroom there so that 25C could be used if one isn’t pushing too hard.

And their response on this is that they really can’t comment on other batteries. Some work, some don’t. Understandable. Guess the real question is what the max current draw is from these birds.

We’ve flown with some off brand batteries that are rated at 15C and you shouldn’t see a difference, for the most part.

The battery material is 30C, but the PCM (protection circuit module) on the battery has a hard-out failsafe around 25C to protect against any draw that may exceed 30C.

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