Building from scratch

Am new here, but not new to building vehicles. Am still doing research however would like input from those that know more than me.

Assuming the following requirements, what would you recommend as the best board to start with
Vehicle is a custom built single rotor
Money is not an issue
Looking to be able to attach various addons, cameras, sensors, etc…

Which board should I be looking at.

Steve, are you asking about the flight control boards?

Assuming you are:

  1. Pixhawk, if space is no issue. Take advantage of the dual redundant power supply capability. Nice case.

  2. If space is an issue (ie: 450 or 500 size heli) then go with a PX4. Almost the same, but smaller.

  3. Last resort, APM, but honestly, I wouldn’t recommend it anymore. APM is almost end-of-life, and the Pixhawk or PX4 are the next generation.

space is not an issue,

thank you for this, it was exactly what I was looking for.