Building an Android app to control an APM 2.x

Hi all,
Is there any feasible way to actually build an android app to properly control a drone with an APM 2.8?
I understand that there will be a lot of latency when using Wi-Fi over radio, but this is just for testing purposes.
I have this WiFi module attached to the APM.
So is there an App out there that has an onscreen joysticks, etc. that can connect to the flight controller just like an actual radio controller?

Take a look at Tower and QGC. They’re on Android

But they don’t have onscreen joysticks? Is there anything out there? Or even there is an SDK for it, could I make an app for it?

that’s just a different packet.

Also, PLEASE upgrade your hardware. The APM 2.x was depreciated many years. I don’t know if the joystick input messages are supported in that hardware. Lots of things aren’t in there because there’s just no memory for it

There are a few FPV apps in the store that use on screen joysticks.I’ve just been trying to get one working on a cheapo kiddies toy,and failed miserably (broken camera I think).So try something like FPV View for starters.All you have to do then is work out communications.