Building a specific beta version

Hi. How to I (git) checkout (-b) a specific beta version of ArduPilot?

Currently I checkout a new branch based on master (git checkout -b myversion master). I would like to instead use the current beta as the basis for any changes I make prior to building the firmware - I think this is safer, and more useful as I can then report any issues I find with the beta firmware.

If I checkout a new branch based on the ‘plane4.1’ branch (git checkout -b myversion plane4.1) - is that the latest released beta (and matches the beta available to download as pre-built firmware)? Or is there a different way to checkout the latest beta (currently beta 6)?

Also, are all the changes in the beta’s also included in master? I presume master has ‘everything’, and the beta releases only include the more tested additions?

Thank you for any help

Hi Andrew,

> git checkout <commit>
should do the job.

The commit of the latest Beta can be found here

For example for the latest Plane-Beta you will enter:
> git checkout 87a1e20

Hope this helps.

Thank you - I will try that :slight_smile:

I was looking at the releases in my fork, and of course not seeing the beta 6 release (just something older)…

Thanks for your help!