Builder Assist on telemetry file

I have a 3d printed drone build designed in-house. I have had several flight computers and have finally gotten a flight that was stable (kinda) and now have a 32meg log file I need help with. I was concentrating on vibration but that seems ok, what has happened is at the end of the 30 second 4 foot high almost hover a motor quit. It appears it has hurt the esc although the blheli says it’s ok. My question is where in the.bin log do I look for information on the motor temp and rpm? I would assume it’s the 6s battery that has heated up the motor, all 4 were hot but #4 was so bad it quit. my motors are here and my ESC are TEKKO32 35amp. I thought the smaller motors would be best but I will try another set I have that are larger log file

There is no motor temp. ESC temp and RPM can be viewed from the ESC parameter in the log. Not sure what you were attempting by all those throttle ups but the outputs were oscillating wildly so no surprise you cooked something. And the vibes don’t look good to me with some clipping.

Drop the Rate P&I in half and try just a simple hover.

yes thankyou. I have to figure out what is broken and replace it first. I was concerned the battery being 6s might be the problem, This is my first build experience so there is alot
of unknowns and nerves. I have different esc and motor setup so will try to fly it again tomorrow with a different setup Thanks for looking at the log, its helpful

After my previous flight motor meltdown I retooled and now have an actual flight. Of course I tried to better manage the drone but because I wanted to test a new motor config and it was windy I just winged it. The motor change was night and day with the new motors running cool.
1 question. I have log files and have been able to view them but I need an instruction on what to review and how to review it. What are the first things to look at for immediate issues that can be critical of flight safety. Is there a good instruction resource for reading logs ? My current flight log is

Digest this:
Logs and analysis
It’s a learned skill.