Build qgroundcontrol debug apk for hereling in Mac M1


I’m trying to build the qgroundcontrol debug apk in Macbook pro M1.
I tried following the guide in readme, but facing issue with the video streamer.

Error - error: error: /Users/DB/DEV/QT/qgroundcontrol-herelink/src/VideoStreaming/…/…/gstreamer-1.0-android-universal-1.14.4/x86/lib/gstreamer-1.0/libgstcoreelements.a(libgstcoreelements_la-gstelements.o) is incompatible with armelf_linux_eabi (for multiple libs)
Machine - Macbook pro M1
branch - herelink-v4.0.8
Qt - 5.15.2
Ndk - 25.1.8937393
Sdk - 7.0
Remedies tried -
1 - add abifilters for armv7
2 - disable video streamer using DISABLE_VIDEOSTREAMING

Is there any tutorial I can follow to build it in Mac M1?