Build HEXSOON 650

That`s my First Build
Hexsoon 650


Hexsoon 650 Frame with motors an esc from the kit
Herelink for rc, video, and Datalink
Cubeorange with Arducopter 4.05
RFD 868 Telemetrie for groundstation
Lightware LW 20 Rangefinder
TF Mini Plus for front Simple Object Avoidance
HereFlow Optical Flow Sensor

At the moment only test fly in a big gym
Loiter mode with hereflow and rangefinder
No autotune (Bad weather outside)
See on YouTube :grinning:

:grinning: Franz


Nice work! Any further developments on this and thoughts on payloads?

What camera are you using? Iā€™m looking to build the same setup.

Hawkeye Firefly 4K Split Cam Mini

Did you use the PDB that came with the frame, the power brick mini, or both?

i used the Mauch PL-Series and for Backup Power Mauch 2-6S Backup BEC for Pixhawk 2