Bug in Sik radio settings ? [solved]


After updating MP 1.3.70 to 1.3.73 I am really like the performance improvements and the new features. :+1:

It seems that MP reads the Sik radio setting of the maximum frequency not proper anymore.

First screen shot with 1.3.70. Here everything is as expected.

Second screen shot running 1.3.73.

I have used the same (Holybro) radio for both screenshots on 1.3.70 and 1.3.73.
If I made something stupid please let me know.

Kind regards, Sascha
PS: Keep going the good work!!!

ok so the issue is its not a multiple of 50, ie 790 i would have though would be 750 or 800
any idea where this number came from?

Thanks for the fast response.

The number “434790” is read from the sik radio by pressing the “Load settings” button. It’s the default value for the upper frequency.
With 1.3.70 (upper picture) it works as expected. With 1.3.73 it reads “414000”. This is the lowest possible frequency of the sik radio, if I remember correctly.
Maybe a rollover? Just a guess…

Regards, Sascha

edited: have forgotten one ‘zero’ in the lowest frequency…

We experience the same thing, and it seems to me that the issue is that MP have changed from multiples of 10 MHz to pultiples of 50, and then gets an invalid value when polling. The problem for us is that if we load this to update another parameter than frequency, we tend to change whatever other parameter we are after and not notice that sending new parameters also changes the frequency setting to max < min.

latest beta mp changes the multiple value. give that a try


Thanks, I tested and it looks like it works good. Users comming from 1.3.73 to 1.3.74 should check frequency settings in case they have been changed using .73 by accident.

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Thanks, it is fixed.

@Torbjorn_Houge Thanks, it’s a good hint to check for modified settings by accident.