Brown-out due to Power Module

I purchased a pixhawk controller which come with a power module. I haven’t use it on pixhawk yet instead I tested it on APM2.5. However, I experienced APM brown-out or reset at some arbitrary throttle. I do not use APM to power any servo. It just a simple APM and receiver setup. I changed to other power module and the APM will work fine, no brown-out happened. Does it normal as PM for pixhawk is different from the previous version or it is just a defective PM?

I read somewhere in the forums that the Pixhawk and the APM PM are one and the same. So, you may have a defective PM.

Steven, Thanks for your reply. It is just very disappointed 3DR PM fail but my Chinese clone PM work fine.

Can you describe the brown out or post a log?

If you are drawing so much current from your batteries that they cannot supply input power to the PM then you will have a brown out. Otherwise it is the most reliable power source.