Bricked Sky Viper Transmitter

Hello. I have just started using a Sky Viper Scout yesterday and that same day, the transmitter malfunctioned. It would connect to the drone perfectly fine but, when I gave any input, the drone wouldn’t respond. I even checked the motors through the calibration menu and, they were working as usual. I then decided to upgrade the firmware of the transmitter through the web interface and when it was “completed”, it had bricked the transmitter. When I turn the controller on, it just shows a green light on top of the “normal mode” button and there are no tones or sounds. Pressing any button on the transmitter doesn’t change a thing. I can’t even turn the transmitter off with the power button ( I need to manually remove the batteries). I checked the status of the controller on the web interface and, it’s status was “off”. I have already tried to power it on while holding the video button and holding the left joystick in the down position to check if I can unbrick the transmitter with this solution, Unbricking a SkyViper transmitter but, it didn’t power on as it should. The unfortunate thing is that I really do not want to send the transmitter to Sky Viper because I want to use it now (because school is about to begin so, I won’t have time to spend flying drones) and sending it in will take a while. Any feedback or solutions would be greatly appreciated! Have a great day!

Calling @tridge or @Matt_M?

Hi Jason,

Customer Support already talked with me about this issue and it seems different than the issue we had seen before, so I asked them to have you send it in so we can diagnose the issue.

I understand your frustration on being without a TX, so if you can, send me a direct message with your address and I’ll send out a TX to you tomorrow that I will make sure works well. That way You won’t be out too many flight days.

Only send the TX… you should hold onto everything else.



I appreciate the support and how generous you guys are but, I have decided
on a different solution and I think that my question is now irrelevant.
Thank you and have a awesome day!

Hi Jason,

OK, sounds good. I’d still love to get my hands on that TX to diagnose the issue, though.

If there’s anyway you can send it to us, that would be great, and my offer to send out a working TX in the meantime is still standing.


Of the three (3) threads I’ve seen on this topic has anyone had success unbricking a transmitter using the ST-Link hardware tool and/or the stm8flash tool mentioned in the SkyViper documentation? [here] If so then please share your experience.

I have a few working transmitters and I don’t intend to brick any of them (permanently). Interestingly, I’ve opened a transmitter and I don’t see obvious connection points for attaching any kind of development tool. Does anyone know if the TX supports SWD (Serial Wire Debug) and if so which pins inside the TX should I solder my SWD lines to?

UPDATE: I do see obvious connection points at J1 and J2 on the other side of the TX board as shown in this photo below. Reassuringly, J2 has a pin named SWIM which I hope stands for Serial Wire Interface Module (an STM8 thing). I am motivated to buy the relevant ST-Link and STM8 tools so I can hack the TX code with abandon.

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