BRD_SD_SLOWDOWN parameter allow microSD cards to be run at a lower clock to improve reliability, defaults to 0.
I like to always set LOG_BITMAST to 65535 on the Cube with the provided SD card. In this case, which is the recommendend value for BRD_SD_SLOWDOWN? What happens if I set it to 16 or 32?


0, that 's why its the default. If its working fine any your not getting errors leave it as it is.If you getting errors then increase it slowly until its fixed. I should think on a cube it will be fine as zero so long as your SD card is good.

Thank you Peter for your answer! If 0 is the recommended value, but I can increase that value it if logging start to fail, why I can’t set it to higher values before, so that can improve long term reliability? (like a preventive/conservative measure).
Thanks again!

in my experience SD cards either work or not. You can turn down the speed but if you go too far you wont be able to log so much stuff. 0 will work fine in 90% of the cases, after all that is what was used before the parameter was introduced.