BRD_PWM_COUNT / PWM / DSHOT port settings


as I struggled yesterday setting up landing gear and stumbled upon BRD_PWM_COUNT and started reading … I found it will be deprecated in 4.2.x and replaced by “-1” for the SERVOx settings (which is good).

But as for 4.1.0RC3 I’m still confused how to set specific outputs, for example, if I have a Pixracer Pro, I want to have outputs 1-4 for motors (Dshot1200) and 7 to PWM. Can I set that specifically for each port and with which parameter(s)?


PWM 1-4 are on the same timer so need to be all of the same type - dshot is fine. If you set MOT_PWM_TYPE then only outputs that are “motors” will get dshot so you should find that output 7 is PWM by default

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Ah, that was the essential input, thanks Andy. From my point of view should be added to the description of MOT_PWM_TYPE parameter.
And found out, I can see the settings on boot in messages:
03.10.2021 19:14:23 : RCOut: DS1200:1-4 PWM:5-8

And ( don’t know how to place that “feature” request for MissionPlanner) there could also be an additional column in MP’s “Servo Output” screen, displaying if an output channel is DShot xx, PWM, or used as GPIO (excluded by BRD_PWM_COUNT).