Brand New APM 2.6 Not Working - No USB recognition

Hi all,
My brand new APM 2.6 was working yesterday, and now when I plug it in to multiple computers with multiple cables it doesn’t even register over USB. Here’s a summary:

-The board lights up when connected to USB, the red and blue lights flash, but the TX and RX dont’ light up.
-The APM does NOT show up in the Device manager, the computer has no response at all to the board
-I tried reflashing the USB encorder chip (ATmega32U2) using instructions here: The “Flip” program is unable to recognize the chip, and throws the error “AtLibUsbDfu.dll not found.”.
-I do not have wireless telemetry hardware to communicate with the board.

I’ve emailed 3DR tech support, no response yet, please help!

Hi ncrook,

The technicians told me the problem was the PM supplying 10V, so this damaged the APM, is this correct?