Brake Mode Skyviper GPS

I tried out brake mode , this weekend as it one of the few modes I have not tried . Results where not what I expected . I switched from position hold to to brake , and SV would not move on control input switching, to another mode returned function. Is this the intended function of this mode , basicly lock control input ? I was thinking it would be flyable like althold but would try to stop very quick .

That sounds like the intended behavior. And then you have to jump modes to regain control? I preset a TMODE hard-button to be AltHold because that’s steerable etc. and let’s face it, most of my flight mishaps are um, altitude related.

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That’s literally what BRAKE mode does. It stops “fast” and holds position (requires GPS obviously)

I understand that now . I was just surprised that it blocks control input once engaged . I was thinking it would still be able to move and stop quicker perhaps on release of controls to neutral . But is more like a parking brake .