Bouncing when autolanding

Hi all,
a friend of mine has just bought this IRIS+ drone but it is experiencing some issues when landing… It starts to bounce and bounce once it touch the ground. We have calibrated compass and gyro.
We are going to collect the logs and try to see whats happenning but we would appreciate some help.

See below video:


Yes, can’t really help without tlogs and/or dataflash logs to help troubleshoot your issue.

Here you can download the data logs. The problem that you can see in the video in the min 2:20, is that is it impossible to land… ;(. I need help, the first time I flew it worked properly, but then I updated firmware and the Drone started to have this problem… bouncing every time I try to land it. … ef6Za?dl=0

Anyway we are going to learn some basics about this params and logs to find out what’s happening.

Thanks and regards