Booting up in the air


i did the maiden flight of my aircraft today. while it is turning APM begun to booting up and it causes the throttle lock (%100 ) and elevator lock (%100 ) . Aircraft begun the looping and finally crashed. Even there is no damage in my aircraft i do not understand why it was happened. here is the related video … TsGlKdIeUA

and also i added my parameters list as attached file.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

Must be something to do with how you powered it. Looking at the video there is a pitch problem throughout the flight. Was it nose or tail heavy? Did the battery move in flight??

i guess that it is because of my pilotage. It is the first time i have ever fly an aircraft :slight_smile:

when i found it in the land still motor was still working. I plug out the power cable. and plug it again everthing works fine now. However i am very afraid of facing it again. I have 3dr power module, airspeed sensor and minimosd as additional hardwares. I powered the APM and receiver via power module and I supplied the servos with additional bec. are servos and throttle locked when the power of APM is gone ?

Have a look about for failsafe setups for your receiver. What you want to happen is the throttle to goto zero and surfaces to neutral.

Rather take the OSD out and get rid of the long range RC link if you are learning to fly. Its all making things complicated. Also ensure your model is correctly balanced. You should not really have to touch a thing when the model is properly setup.

I have not looked at the log file, but my guess is something moved or disconnected in flight.