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Boogie Board Rover

Idea taken from here

I have finally finished my boogie board boat build.

The box I used was from amazon its 26.5x17x13cm

The board was a morey cruiser 42.5 from amazon.

It uses two T200 thrusters from bluerobotics

I bought a bag of cable glands with various sizes from amazon

I printed some mounts for the motors from thingiverse.

Here is a folder that has all the part that are listed here for the boogie board that @rmackay9 had used. I decided to just print 8 of the large round parts to act as washers between the foam, mainly because I couldn’t print the large rectangles on my printer. Everything is attached using M5 bolts as that is what that case comes with threaded inserts installed. I plan on making a 4S battery from Li-ion cells not sure about capacity, just depends on how many I can fit in the space I have left. I have also thought about making another smaller case attached to house the battery as I still need to install the DST-2 and the transducer

Most of the electrical components (battery monitor, RFD900X, 2-5.25volt 3amp BEC, 1-12volt 3amp bec, two 35amp blheli-32 ESC) are located under the carbon fiber plate to help reduce noise and interference with compasses and such. Seems to really help. Using a cube black with mini carrier board, here v1 GPS through serial, Emlid Reach RTK original had a few of them left from other projects, RPI 4 1GB with UAVCast for 4g telem and video, I have also installed an mrobotics can node (which FYI they are 50% off and work amazingly well once bootloader and software are upgraded) so I can still install a range finder and or many other serial devices over can. I still need to figure out a nice way to mount a camera with a dome and the reach rtk antenna.

I am using the RFD900x running s. bus passthrough with yaapu telemetry on X9D+ but also would like to have a back-up receiver such as a FRsky L9R in case things go wrong with rfd or we are not in cell coverage. is it possible to hook up a L9R receiver to a serial output?

I was looking at the pinout of the DST-2 it has CANH and CANL instead of hooking the DST-2 up to serial could I possibly use a can node and can, not sure if any of this is in ap_periph stuff.

Picture taken from @oaamaas from here
Unfortunately any water here has long been frozen over and the university pool is closed for the holidays so I will have to wait to test this out properly, guess I should have made it an air powered boat so it could go on snow!!! I may make it air powered swappable for aquatic environments that are full of vegetation as these props can easily get jammed up.


Dear [Matt_C]
I need your help. I have a rc boat 65cm. with 2 motors +1 servo. I am about to install apm2.8 . Which is the step by step installation process. In order to have RTL etc (I ‘ ve bought gps + compass +telemetry) Thank you in advance . Yours sincerely
Dimitrios Vrax

Let me know how your UAVcast works on the water. on land my boats video is perfect but once on the water it still freezes up a bit. I have aftermarket antennas on the modem that have helped a bit but still freezes for a second or two every know and then. Telemetry and control do not seem to be effected though. Only video.


I honestly do not have any hands on experience with the APM 2.8, and I am not even sure what would be the last firmware you would be able to load, I’m sure its a quite old version though. There are plenty of cheap F4 boards that would bring you the ability to have the newest supported firmware. Take a look here find yourself a nicely priced board (can be had for about 30-60USD). Sorry I couldn’t be more help, just never used an APM 2.8.


I will let you know how uavcast works might be quite sometime before I can get this outside, unless I become a snow bird for the winter holiday hahahah!!! I need to figure out a nice way to mount a camera but also keep it dry.

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Quick Float test and RC mapping test

My DST-2 and the Transducer arrived this week. I have installed them and gotten everything configured and working. The wires from my transducer were the same as @oaamaas (thanks for figuring this out greatly appreciate it!) I had to move the reach RTK over to the CAN node to make room for the transducer on serial4 (GPS2). I have decided to add an additional compartment to the rear to house a battery up to 6S 22,000 if needed and a waterproof switch on the outside that will act as a master switch. I have bl_heli32 setup with bi-directional 3d which allows forward and reverse, I am still working on getting esc telemetry to work properly. I have it hooked to what I think is the extra serial port in this picture hooked to pin 4 which I believe is that serial port RX pin??
I decided to cut the mount off the transducer and mount it underneath within the foam, which worked perfectly and if I messed it up no big deal as these sensors are about 60USD so not an ECT-400 2700USD, we shall see if it can map appropriately but from a write up here I think it should work well. Next project is to wire up some controlled NAV lights and a waterproof housing for a gopro that will connect over 4G, and possibly a normal video transmitter as being on water I would hope the signal would travel a decent distance who knows! I did manage to snag one of mrobotics new (only in beta) F9P GPS units with integrated active antenna, that should be here in a cpl weeks, excited to see what it has to offer on rover

I’ll be curious if the transducer gets a lot of air bubbles and turbulence being mounted up that high. I guess you will know fairly soon

When I was reading how and where to mount them this was one of the options shown in the manual except in the manual you could mount the bottom on fiber glass as long as you made sure and coated it well with epoxy where it was mounted to the hull as to not create any air bubbles that would effect the sensor. I did put it in my bath tube and was getting a reading but it was bouncing around a bit. Might have screwed up with mounting it that way hope to get it into a pool that has a reliable depth and see what it measures. How do you have yours mounted? I am not much of a water going creature hahahaha, like my feet firmly planted on the ground, love to fly but not a big boater, guess thats what growing up landlocked and arid will do to ya! So this boat stuff is fairly new to me!

Pin 4 in that photo is Aux Out Chan 4.

Do you know which one is the RX channel I knew I was probably reading that wrong and had it connected to the wrong port. @dkemxr thanks for the heads up ill look back at the docs and see if i can hash out the correct pin!

Ah, you are looking for the equivalent of the CONS port (additional UART) on the Mini Carrier available on the full size carrier? Good question.

I am looking for the CONS “additional UART” on the mini carrier board. I have filled up all my other available UART ports with other sensors and just needed one more to get ESC Telem. I suppose I could used the debug but I will have to get a few new crimp ends and connectors.

I think that’s it. I don’t have a mini carrier but I understand the only I/O it’s missing from the full size is the SBUS out and a single CAN.

Huh maybe I am reading this wrong but it looks like maybe I don’t know the difference between USART and UART. What does the DSM/USART (I/O) do then can that not be used as a UART? That picture was taken from here

Synchronous UART just for Spectrum Rx’s I suppose. Haven’t had Spectrum gear in years. And I was wrong, there is an SBUS out. Good for analog RSSI input if nothing else.

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thanks for the help @dkemxr, looks like I am going to have to find another port for esc telem or swap something over to another CAN node I could possibly use the transducer on a CAN node but have yet to get any range finding device to work on these CAN Nodes. I see that under battery monitor it also has an esc telem setting is this the same esc telem as setting a uart to esc telem @rmackay9 @tridge? What can the second battery monitor port be used for if not being used for power, could you possibly still provide a second power source on second power monitor and use ESC telem on that same monitor as long as you didn’t care about current or voltage sensing on that battery monitor?

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