Bluetooth instead of XBee

I’m trying to use a bluetooth module (bluetooth bee) instead of XBee, can anyone tell me in which part of the firmware 2.9.1b-final is the code regarding the communication over XBee?

Another question I can’t compile the firmware using the Arduino IDE, Atmel Studio or neither using Visual Studio 2012 (I’m using an Arduino plugin for both Atmel and Visual studio), someone knows what I have to do to put it work? I didn’t change the code.

Thanks in advance :wink:

xbee is a standard RS232 over wireless transmitter

  • first check your bluetooth link (rs232) and configure it for 56k
  • if this is working set in the apm the telemetry speed too to 56k
    *after this you only have to select the right com port and click connect

should be working after this procedure