Bluetooth in place of Radio using Radio/OSD Y-Connector

Can the Bluetooth model be used in place of the Radio module on the APM 2.6 telemetry Y-Cable? Is it possible to rewire the Radio plug on the TELEM Y-cable to replace the Radio module and replace it with the Bluetooth module? In order to use the Bluetooth it currently requires removing the telem OSD cable from the 2.6 and replacing it with the Bluetooth to get the Bluetooth to work. Can the y-cable be used like the OSD/Radio version to accomplish the same function as OSD/Bluetooth?

same question here, has anyone experienced having the bluetooth module working together with MinimOSD on the same APM2.6 port ? if you do, did you have to rewire a Y cable ?

can anyone give a link on a proper Y cable that can achieve that ?

I was able to make the APM OSD/Radio Y-cable work. Originally, I arranged the Radio pins based on the cable positions provided with the Bluetooth radio and it did not work, or so I thought. After thinking about it, I convinced myself that I connected the pins wrong. I simply switched the RX and TX pins at the Bluetooth and it worked just fine. I am not sure if I connected them wrong originally or not when I replaced the “Radio” connector plastic with the 4-pin plastic connector from the Bluetooth cable. So here is the wiring setup that I am using now. This is how the Y-harnesses are configured based on the OSD pins as a baseline:

BT (4 wires) OSD (3 wires)
R+5 <-----------------------> R+5
GND <----------------------> BLK
RX <-------------------------> RX
TX -------------------------> APM

See if this works for you

I don’t see it on the “APM STORE” website, but this is the cable I used… “Telemetry/OSD Y-cable adapter cable for APM 2.5”. I am not sure if they have them in stock. I looked under the “Cables” directory and did not see them. You may need to call. I am attaching the link from my original order. I hope it works…

if it does not, here is the picture.