Blue LED meaning?

I have a Matek F765Wing FC. Just getting it all set up for the first time. I see it has blue and green LEDs on the PCB which Matek labels as “FC status” - not very helpful. Is there any further documentation on how to interpret the blinks they make? Are those determined by Arduplane firmware? Or something intrinsic to the FC board regardless of what firmware it is running? I think when green is on solid that means it is armed. But the blue LED is showing lots of fast blinks every couple of seconds. What is that indicating?

We should probably move it out of the pixhwak section…

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Thanks, yes please move it. I would not have thought to look there since I do not have a Pixhawk. And even if I had found it, I would have assumed it was not relevant to me.

So if I read that correctly, the blinks mean the number of satellites the GPS is seeing divided by two?

I have also been wondering about the various beeps my buzzer is emitting. Do the ones described here in the Pixhawk section also apply to my Matek FC?

Yep, buzzers all do the same thing.

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