Binding Turnigy 9x on 3DR DYI Quad

Hello everyone, I am totally newbie and setting up my first quadcopter- which is the 3DR DYI quad kit. I am having trouble binding the receiver to the transmitter on my 9x V2. Basically I am NOT using any external DC power source for the receiver. It is connected to the RC port of the Pixhawk as stipulated in the manual (3 wire cable, red to power etc). In this configuration the bind plug inserted in to the receiver does not have any response at all, and the usual binding procedure does not seem to work. Is the receiver getting enough power? Can I do the binding with the receiver connected to Pixhawk as above (with the Lipo plugged in to the Pixhawk through the power module)? If yes then what I am missing. Thanks vm

Are you using a 9X RX on the quad?

What module do you have in the 9XR? I just got one and hooked in an orangeRx DSM transmitter module and an orangeRx DSM satellite receiver; works great.