Binding Transmitter to Receiver?

Hi All,

A friend of mine has a 3d Robotic Aero and is having a minor issue with it. Recently it had a minor crash and he had to transfer the electronics to a new fuselage. Now as he tries to turn everything back on the plane appears to come alive but, not respond to transmitter inputs.

He asked me to look at it for him as I am a R/C modeler and have had some experience with electric models. The Aero he has is using a Spektrum DX7s transmitter with the 3d system. I looked over the model to see if there was any obvious damage or broken wires or connectors and all appeared in good shape. None of the magic bits receivers. pc boards, motor or servos seemed harmed. We checked the main battery pack voltage (16+volts) in the plane and the transmitter reads 5 volts. Not being familiar with the Aero system but , having a Spektrum transmitter and radio system for models, my guess is that the Aero receiver has lost its Bind to the transmitter.

As you plug the airborne battery into the plane you get a number of led lights flashing, a few audio bleeps alerting you to the speed controller is activated and the motor twitches slightly. However, try as you might the plane does not respond to transmitter inputs nor do the control surfaces move in the least. I looked through his paperwork for the plane and truthfully it wasn’t much help. I tried placing the gear switch of the transmitter to select the manual mode of operation but that did not seem to make any difference.

So is it possible to re-bind the Aero system in the Field or does it have to be done by the factory? If it can be re-bound to the Spektrum 7s transmitter, what are the steps and is there a specific port of the receiver to install a Spektrum type binding plug or is there another Aero-specific connector or part we need?

Thank you for your help

Carlos G