Bin Review / Help Requested - uneven takeoff

First off, a HUGE thanks to everyone on this site who’s helped me so far. I have made some great progress. Also, I have gotten over my fear of throttling up…lol I do need some further assistance though…see below. Thanks ahead of time.

When I begin to throttle up, the front rotors appear to have more power. The drone starts to lift off, but unevenly, so I shut it down.

I attached the bin file to see if anyone on this site may notice why the front of the drone may be taking off unevenly. I am in stabilize mode. I used “Alt A” to automatically set some parameters. I performed the "all at once esc calibration ".

Let me know if anything further is needed. Thanks again!

Link to bin:

? Give it some throttle and get it in the air!

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I know it sounds silly, but I was afraid to throttle up…lol Being new to drones, and newer to diy drones, I was hesitant. I have worked on it on and off for 6mths. I have already had a “oops” moment. I didn’t want another…lol

Just make absolutely sure that you test the motor order correctly before throttling up for the first time. And make sure the copter is leveled

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Yes and yes on both accounts. The automatic analysis shows a difference in the motor powetlr levels from 90 to 132.

That tool is out of date.

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Did they just release a new version for Mission Planner? I got prompted to update…first time.

The Stable versions of MP come very infrequently. The best practice is to update to the latest Beta version often. From the Help menu the button at the bottom.

Don’t bother asking if it’s safe. If you want MP to work with the latest Ardupilot versions, even Stable versions, just do it.

If the front is lifting unevenly, can I adjust pitch to compensate? If so, is that best done in MP or my controller?

No. All you need to do is a proper Accelerometer calibration. You don’t know anything until it is off the ground.

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Good call. Forgot about that calibration…

Well, that would be the problem…

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All joking aside, thanks for the nudge. I’ve always done it, just forgot today…tyvm