Bicopter setup issue


I am designing and 3d printing a bicopter frame, it’s nearly finished, so the mean time I am having a look at the software side.

Every time I am uploading the copter firmware, I tried 4.1.2 and 3.6.12 and switch the FRAME_CLASS to 10, servo 1 to 4 are configured automatically to the correct settings but I am loosing the extended tuning menu and I can’t select any flight mode, either under action or under setup / flight modes. I tested it with a cubeblack, pixracer and pixhawk 4 mini, same results.

Is there any way to make it work with the copter firmware or should I use plane firmware with Q enabled?

I don’t see this problem when trying it in the Simulator. Try updating Mission Planner to latest Beta from the button at the bottom of the help screen.

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Hi Dave, Thanks for the help, it’s working :wink:

Now I will look around if I can find some guide to set it up