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Bi-diractional communication between ArduPilot and an Android device via the transmitter

(Rakshak Raghavan) #1

Note: Not sure if this is the right spot to post this, but I couldn’t think of where else to post it.

I am trying the see if it is possible to establish bi-directional communication between Ardupilot and an Android Device via the transmitter.

To be more specific, I would like an Android device to have access to the telemetry information(like GPS position of the drone, battery voltage, waypoint status etc) that a compatible transmitter would receive from a drone.

And I would like the Android device to send information (Like waypoints, commands like start mission, stop the mission, return home etc) to the drone via the transmitter.

I know there are several posts on the internet hinting at extracting telemetry info from a transmitter onto an android phone using either Bluetooth or USB serial. But I haven’t seen a step by step tutorial anywhere. Has anyone here managed to achieve this? can you help me get started? or send me some links that I can look at to get started?

As for sending info from an Android Device to the drone via the transmitter, is this even possible?

(Dpsoftware) #2

There is an app for android device , QgroundControl
Information here

(Rakshak Raghavan) #3

Hi, thanks for the reply.
How does QgroundControl connect to the drone, WiFi? I was hoping for a little more range than what WiFI offers.

(OldGazer) #4

433mHz Telemetry radios. You need an OTG cable for your Android.

More info here: Telemetry

(Rakshak Raghavan) #5

Awesome, thanks for the info.