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Beta release 4.0 estimation?

Testing latest copter 4.0.0 on a quad with MatekSYS F765 Wing FC

First thing i noticed that CH7_OPT - CH12_OPT parameters are missing. This makes my radio switches programmed to ARM_DISARM, RTL, LAND, AUTOTUNE are no longer working.
Any plans to bring this functionality back to 4.0?


look for RCx_OPTION…

@Eosbandi it worked - thanks. MissionPlanner still is not reflecting this configuration.

I have successfully passed the test flight of a complete multi-flight mode development version 4.0 firmware, using the T-rex 500 FBL helicopter and the flight control of Matek F765 wing, I uploaded the video for your reference.

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That has to be the SMOOTHEST helicopter I have seen in a LONG LONG time. The video frame rate shows the head speed is constant even during maneuvers.

Well Done!

Thanks for attention!

GOV uses the HOBBYWING Platinum V4 60A. This ESC’s ESC speed is very good and the head speed control is very accurate.

@rmackay9 @Eosbandi @ChrisOlson @bnsgeyer

Arduheli’s firmware v3.6.x has a “new loiter” mode, with efficient maneuverability, automatic turning aileron mixing, and the effect of a large elevation brake. How did it disappear in 4.0 dev?

@Eosbandi @rmackay9 Could you please clarify what happening to a configuration parameters when migrating from 3.6 to 4?
I’ve noticed some of my parameters have different values after upgrade, so I need to set them back. Is it possible that a newly added parameter corrupt some another param at current group or at neighboring group?
My concern is there could be another important parameters broken that I’m not aware of.

And another question is about PIDs - after upgrade my copter attitude is not so stable as it was on 3.6. Looks like I need to do autotune. Is that expected?

If parameters need changing to preserve behaviour, the code does that for you automatically, so do not be surprised if some parameters change their value.

But to be on the safe side, post here exactly which parameters changed their value.

No need to autotune or change the PIDs

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@sergbokh There is always an update part in the releases which converts values from previous version. However the change in code from 3.6 to 4.0 is huge and there are many-many new functions and settings which cannot be utilized with a simple upgrade.

So if you want a quick dirty look, you can upgrade in place. But if you need the real deal and want to learn then I would recommend a fresh install.

@amilcarlucas @Eosbandi thanks, I didn’t know there is an update function that does some conversion.
I think some of my RC_OPTION became wrong after upgrade, but I need to re-check.


I’m not sure what you mean by “new loiter” disappearing. Nothing has disappeared as far as I know. Loiter mode is still there, PosHold is still there…

Not that the Loiter mode disappears, it is lost in the 3.6.7, 3.6.8 firmware, there is a brake action similar to the “Break” mode, and the rocker can be loosened quickly. However, in the version above 3.6.9, after the release lever is released, there is no brake action like the “Break” mode, and the airplane will drift a certain distance to stop. I don’t know if you can understand me?Or I will upload a video to compare it another day!

I found the update log, it is indeed added in the 3.6.0rc1 update, added “New Loiter”, faster roll and pitch response, braking. However, it is true that in the recent update of the firmware version, through multiple tests, it was found that the Loiter mode in versions 3.6.9, 3.6.10, and 3.6.11 does not have the above features!QQ%E6%88%AA%E5%9B%BE20191024171944

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The parameters for those Loiter features are there.

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I’m pretty certain that it’s all still there and in recent test flights I’m sure I’ve seen the braking. A video is good but a log file of before and after would be even better.

Thanks for the report.

Ok, I will record a comparison video in the near future, including a log file with the same Loiter parameters!

Thank you for your suggestion. These parameters have been checked and there are no improvements after the change!


I’ve got some trouble with FrSky Passthrough on the Orange Cube. I’ve tried all three available ports - Telem1, Telem2 and GPS2 aka Serial1, Serial2 and Serial4. Straight wire using SERIAL_OPTIONS 7 doesn’t work on any of them, no matter where the power comes from. Using a MAX3232, Passthrough works only if the Cube is powered via USB. Starting it by plugging a LiPo into a Mauch BEC on Power1 yelds no telemetry data. Regular SiK radios work OK in both scenarios.

Today I tested the 4.0rc1 version of the traditional helicopter firmware, focusing on its difference from the 4.0 dev. There are two distinct differences in flight. First, the brake action in the Loiter mode has finally returned to normal, because I set the parameter LOIT_ANG_MAX=45000. The default before this is 0, according to the wiki’s parameter definition, if set to 0, it should be called the total flight angle limit (uses ANGLE_MAX value), but obviously the flight control does not logically call the ANGLE_MAX parameter value, because the previous ANGLE_MAX The value I set is 45°, and LOIT_ANG_MAX is set to 0, but when the joystick is released, the aircraft does not have a timely reverse-lifting brake action. The second one, Yaw’s yaw operation feels a significant delay, and I have not modified the relevant parameters in 4.0 dev before, which I will carefully compare.Overall, the 4.0rc1 virgin test is smooth, thanks to the efforts of developers.

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