Beta 3 observations

Just some general observations about Beta 3 (not related to autotune)

  • Mission planner seemed to have a hard time finding the flight log list. Several times it would time out and I found I had to unplug the FC, reconnected and try again. I noticed this beta version of Mission Planner doesn’t show the parameter download so I don’t know if I was just going to download the logs too quickly, but even when I waited for a long time it didn’t seem to change it. It either worked or it didn’t and I couldn’t figure out a pattern.

  • I don’t know if this is a Beta 3 issue or not, but I’ll throw it out there. I was playing with the OSD parameter menu ( and I thought I’d try to use it to set TUNE_PARAM. However it would only allow me a value of -1 to 10. I’m not sure what those values correspond with because based on the transmitter tuning wiki it should be 50-57 for Plane.

  • After the update to Beta 3 I was getting “bad or no terrain data” warnings. I did not have a problem with this in 4.0.7. I didn’t do any real troubleshooting here, I just turned TERRAIN_ENABLE to 0 and moved on.

  • I still occasionally got the “no RC Receiver” message, however much less frequently than I have in the past. And also, not when I was out at 800+m and legitimately had a low RSSI warning. (but now 4.1 is here I may convert this plane to CRSF…)


Edit: I forgot to add, are the log files significantly larger now in Beta 3 compared to previous version?

I’m not a plane user so relied on others to provide sensible defaults here. The range is guessed based on the type of the parameter unless you explicitly set a range.

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