Best practice LIDAR rangefinder question:

Using SF11/C , I usually tell the down looking LIDAR it’s offsets from the Cube,
And it’s elevation above the ground at that position (due to landing gear height)
This means the copter, when landed, sees a altitude of 48cm.

Is this the best way? , what if I configured a offset rigt in the SF11/C , som that it reported 0cm distance to ground when landed, and had _GNDCLEAR=0?
At least, it would give the copter a little less precise absolute precision, is there an upside of doing this one way or another ?

Hi @Andre-K,
Mohit here from LightWare, in terms of best way, I cannot tell you. however if it needs a startup condition for the ground reading to be zero, then I would suggest setting the offset in terminal.
I can assist you with setting up the offset to get the unit to see zero in its current position.

Thank you, I have no problem configuring it in that way if I wish to, my question was purely about the autopilot and related to the way EKF may try to fit/use the data.