Best FPV/OSD solution for Iris?


I have a couple questions about using FPV/OSD on Iris. I’m expecting mine shortly. Trying to learn.

Will this work on the Iris? If so, how much weight will be added? The camera, the camera battery, and the receiver?

If I were to buy these two instead; … mitter-kit

Will the GoPro on the Tarot be the FPV?

Can you use two GoPro’s? One on the stock Iris mount and the other on the Tarot Gimbal? Then use the one on the Iris for FPV?

I’m waiting for mine to be delivered. Just trying to figure out all my options.

Thanks for any and all suggestions,



I could really use some advice. I have already ordered Iris and decided I want FPV. I’m trying to get it ordered so it shows up at or around the same time.

I would rather have a monitor setup over goggles.

Any suggestions or advice will be greatly appreciated.


I don’t have any FPV experience but from what I heard you can record and output from a single GoPro. I guess all you would need are the right connections a transmitter/receiver/monitor. Video out to gimbal then OSD/transmitter. I’m sure 3DR would have added this as an extra if there was a good solution but more weight and power so not sure theres a good option right now.

yes… you can transmit the same video you are recording with the USB connector. For example, this cable … ts_id=1296

can plug in directly to this transmitter … cts_id=266

and will downlink the video from the gopro. Of course, many people will argue that this is not a great idea since the Gopro can have issues with reliability, although I think recent versions are quite stable and are less prone to having the camera crash or to have lag in the video, which can be problematic. This is why most people recommend using a dedicated camera.

Make sure you place the video transmitter away from the pixhawk inside since it can cause RF interference issues if it is too close.

I am designing and printing a FPV pod right now that replaces the GoPro in front of the Iris now to try to locate it further away to reduce noise.

I’m just learning all of this and Iris is my first flyer. I’d love to be able to FPV with the GoPro so that I could frame and shoot stills and control (direct) video. I’m coming from a photography background, so all of this RC and telemetry and what have you is very new and unfamiliar.
downeym sounds like you’ve got a solution that works and you have been helpful with links, but someone like me is going to need a bit more help to set it up. Could you please walk me through the necessary steps? Probably be really helpful to a few others too. :slight_smile: