Best flight controller for UAV airplane with waypoint navigation

Hey, so I’ve been prototyping with different UAV designs and the time to make it autonomous has come. I’m a total beginner with Ardupilot hardware so I was wondering if I could find any help here. The criteria are Budget-friendly (Ideally 50-120€), Waypoint capable and Future proof so I can add new features like automatic start and land.
The few boards I was looking at are: Matek F405-WMN for 74,59€, Matek F411-WTE for 57,69€ and AtomRC F405 NAVI Wing for 71€ or even Diatone Mamba F405 MK2 for 41€

Which one would you consider the best and what other boards are there in the price range?
Thanks, Sam

Matek boards are great, here are the compatible products:
Prefer H7 boards for future support, and all the features are included.

Hm, okay, i can also get the Matek H743-WLITE for 114,59€, is it worth the 40€ difference?

The h4 boards are memory limited which means feature limited. I go h7 just so there is one less hurdle in getting everything working. Its hard enough as it is without adding hardware limitations to the list