BenewakeTFmini Lidar/ PX4

I have the STB adapter set up to start programming per U tube instructions but the download wont respond on the Benewake web site. All it does is ask for sign in and provide information on their products when download is pressed. Is there another download source. Unless i missed something on how to set up Mission Planner I continue to get error message and random data I have been using the Github site and the arducopter set up criteria

Hi, I think you need to email them your device serial number or something like it.

The TFMini is preconfigure as TYPE = 20 BenewakeTFmini/Plus-Serial
at 115200 bps

So you need to set the desired serial port with these parameters

Hope it works

Unfortunately all parameters are correct in Mission Planner. If I could get int o the Lidar and modify software I feel confident it would work

I just checked here
and downloaded the TFMini GUI (after filling the form) , no problem.