BendyRuler setup

Hi, i am interested in obstacle avoidance and i have red the arducopter documentation about BendyRuler but i have 3 questions :
1- Does it works with any rangefinder ?
2_ How i tell the software wich lidar is where on the drone ?
3_ How can i connect 5 rangefinder to one pixhawk and setup them ? ( like Question 2)

Thank you

  1. Yes it works with any rangefinder that ArduPilot supports. Of course, a good range, less noisy sensor is preferred.
  2. You can use the RNGFND1_ORIENT params. Or RNGFND1_POSX/Y/Z params
  3. Are these I2C, serial, can rangefinders?
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yes there are i2c . I am thinking about the tfmini plus lidar