Beitian bn-880 needs more than 10 minutes to get 3D fix

have 2 Beitian bn-880 each one with Omnibus F4 and both have similar problem: need a lot of time to get fix. Before I installed Copter 4.0 I get enough sattelites after around 30 seconds. I think it’s related to the GPS, because I do not have this problem with Radiolink TS100 Mini M8n on a Pixracer with Copter 4.0. It’s like this GPS is not able to save the last used GPS position. Anyone else with this problem? To understand better, is last used GPS position stored on GPS or and on Ardupilot? Any parameters to check?

What you get is what you paid for.
BN880’s are crappy chinese ublox clones. No surprise they not work as supposed.
Last ephemeris data is stored in the GPS in a battery backed up memory. In case of failed battery it can take a long time to get a fix.

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Locate a 3v micro-cell in your gps and in its place connect a good lithium battery, e.g. cr2032, with cables, then when you program, e.g. by activating the gps autoconfig in the arducopter
From now on, the settings will be maintained by a lithium battery, and the arducopter after switching on will not program the gps again.
Probably the microbattery in your Gps keeps it awhile and the software programs the gps each time it is turned on.
I have 2 gps in the Blench option. The first gps + galileo, the second glonass + galileo and I support them with a lithium battery, because it turned out that the arducopter cannot turn on Galileo well. Good luck.

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sure they are cheap, but listed there in ArduPilot doc:
but now I know I can try changing the battery, thanks!

thanks for this helpful info, will try that!