Behaviour if different GPS position provided

Hi all,

I was wondering how a flying copter behaves, if it uses two GPS-receivers which do not agree. I want to provide a more precise location to the copter as fake GPS and it could happen that both are off. How can I force ArduCopter to prefer one receiver over the other and only use its data?

Thanks for your help!

Use the latest ArduCopter FW and check the GPS_AUTOSWITCH parameter.

I’ve seen that parameter, but I’m not sure if it answers my question. It’s more about explicitely using only GPS1 and when the position is not precise enough switch to GPS2. The issue with blending is that the copter probably uses both (even if one is not exact in position). Therefore I am searching for an other option. Is it possible to switch manually between the GPS-receivers while flying?

Manually switching (by a human siting in front of a GCS and making a decision) is not possible now.
Automatically switching between the best of the two GPSs is GPS_AUTOSWITCH == 1
Blending between the two to avoid position jumps is GPS_AUTOSWITCH == 2

I hope that helps.

It does, thank you very much :grinning: