BeerotorF4 Firmware

Hi to all

I search arducopter firmware for Beerotor F4, i can find it

Not supported by ArduPilot.

Here’s a list:

i haved flash on Beerotor F4 the Mamba F4 Firmware, the imu is working, but i don´t no the pin configuration on Mamba Firmware

No surprise if that didn’t work. You can’t just flash any old F4 firmware and expect results. You’d need to create a hwdef file and build a new target.

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I try to Compile the Firmware and change the hwdef in Order to have the right Pins in the F4 and Check that, i think is No very difficult, but i have No the scematic for the FC i think i must Test with Multimeter and oscilloscope…thanks for the Info

If there is a betaflight config for it then there is a tool in github to do the conversion for you

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