Beagleboard Blue OSD issues

I have a beagleboard blue running arducopter 4.3 and I have gps and and elrs receiver up and running, but I can’t get displayport osd working.

Here’s a basic rundown of my setup.
I have a configuration file of my serial ports at /etc/default/ardupilot. It lists out the ports arducopter uses; wifi telemetry, elrs telemetry, gps, and osd. It reads as follows:

# WiFi Telemetry
SERIAL0="-A udp:(my home computer ip):14550"

# Radio Telemetry (UART1 - "UT1")
SERIAL1="-C /dev/ttyS1"

# GPS1 (UART2 - "GPS")
SERIAL3="-B /dev/ttyS2"

SERIAL5="-F /dev/ttyS5"

I have a systemd service that calls it and passes them to the main arducopter file.
Main lines are:

ExecStart=/usr/bin/ardupilot/arducopter $SERIAL0 $SERIAL1 $SERIAL3 $SERIAL5

I have, in Mission Planner, set OSD_TYPE to MSP_DISPLAYPORT and I set SERIAL_5 to MSP…

No dice.

Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks.


I got OSD working with my DJI v2 goggles and telemetry based MSP, but I cannot get canvas mode working on HDZero.