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BBCodes for daily moderation tasks

(StefanG) #1


to make things a bit easier for the mods, I started creating BBCodes for everyday mod tasks. Those BBCodes are hidden, so you have to remember them :slight_smile:.

Here’s a list of what I did so far:

infocopter - asks the user to supply missing information for copter software support

Usage: [infocopter][/infocopter]
Result: [infocopter][/infocopter]

infoplane - asks the user to supply missing information for plane software support

Usage: [infoplane][/infoplane]
Result: [infoplane][/infoplane]

mf - moved from

Usage: [mf]Forum[/mf] Example: [mf]Copter/3.01[/mf]
Result: [mf]Copter/3.01[/mf]

nc - no clones

Usage: [nc]Product[/nc] Example: [nc]APM 2.5.2[/nc]
Result: [nc]APM 2.5.2[/nc]

nobeta - Inexperienced users should not use beat firmwares

Usage: [nobeta][/nobeta] Example: [nobeta][/nobeta]
Result: [nobeta][/nobeta]

sf - split from

Usage: [sf]Topic[/sf] Example: [sf][/sf]
Result: [sf][/sf]

wf - wrong forum

Please post suggestions for new modBBs as replies to this post!

(Gary Mortimer) #2

Interesting idea just seen it.

(StefanG) #3

Added a bunch of new bbcodes. See first post.

(StefanG) #4

Added nobeta - text by Alex P.