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Battery specs for SkyvViper v2450gps

(Adam) #1

So I tried a larger battery to see if I could get 5, 10 minutes more flight time. I picked a 2300mAh lipo off of Amazon, that didn’t have the discharge specs listed, but it was cheap so whatever. Tried it with dismal results, the minute the motors tried to throttle up for take off the whole drone died - from what I figure is a overdraw protection on the battery.

Anyone have any input on what other batteries I could try? It’s not possible to get spare stock ones from Skyviper so I figure this is the best route.

( .) #2

The things you have to look for for a quality battery probably won’t be listed on the description.

But you’ll want to look for C rating and Internal Resistance Rating.
C = The C Rating is simply a measure of how fast the battery can be discharged safely and without harming the battery.
IR = is a measure of the difficulty a battery has delivering its energy to your motor
It’s likely the IR is really high on those cheep batteries, so when the motors come on they draw so much power that the flight board drops below 3V, which causes it to shut off.

Source here:

That probably doesn’t help you find “good batteries” but I think your best bet is to NOT order from Amazon. It’ll almost always be junk. You’ll need to visit, or web browse, a hobby shop then make the connectors yourself.


If you don’t mind 5-7 min flight times after they get cycled in, I’ve been running these a while now.
Perfect physical fit and connector.

(Dude) #4

Isn’t a 3.7v 2300 a smart phone battery?

Dang I should have grabbed all the sleeves of them when they were is stock in my area. Every Walmart had them about a month ago. Was able to grab a few for a friend in another state.

(brad112358) #5

No, today’s smart phone batteries would never work in a high current application like a drone.

(Dude) #6

Sorry wasn’t clear with that. Every Wally World in my area had batteries for about a month. That’s what I meant, I should have grabbed all the SV batteries.


They are good for bench testing though. :wink:

(Brad Gray) #8

I’ve been going to try running (2)1200mAh in parallel and see what happens,…

(Crash Override) #9

Just make sure to go into the webserver and adjust the parameters for the battery level.

(Brad Gray) #10

Now your talking computer sht right. ? I’m lucky to know how to operate this smart phone. Lol

(Dave) #11

Why would you adjust the battery level for 2 batteries in paralell?

(Crash Override) #12

battery wattage (voltage * current) exceeds this value then the system will reduce max throttle (THR_MAX, TKOFF_THR_MAX and THR_MIN for reverse thrust) to satisfy this limit. This helps limit high current to low C rated batteries regardless of battery voltage. The max throttle will slowly grow back to THR_MAX (or TKOFF_THR_MAX ) and THR_MIN if demanding the current max and under the watt max. Use 0 to disable.

Anything over the set parameters is a waste, as I am guessing the 2 1200 MAHS op would be running is a 3.7, so in parallel it’s going to read 7.4 at the board, when the cutoff is at a preset of 4.2

(Brad Gray) #13

If I recall parallel= same V. Series doubles V.

(Dave) #14

Right, that was the point of my question.

My guess is the additional weight of 2 batteries will offset much of the capacity increase. What did you find? In fact I now recall trying this, maybe another couple minutes and stability was poor?

(Dave) #15

Where did you dig up those ArduPlane TKOFF parameters? They are not applicable here.

(Brad Gray) #16

I don’t recall those. I know my default is set at 3300 mAh

(Dave) #17

Brad-That wasn’t addressed to you. The parameters he suggested are Plane parameters and have nothing to do with either Copter or the discussion here. In fact they are taken totally out of context from an older Plane thread. Very weak Google-Fu.

The Skyviper does not have current sensing so it makes no difference what the capacity parameter is set to.

(Crash Override) #18

Yes, I apologize I had them backwards. You are correct.

(Brad Gray) #19

No problem. That’s one of the best things about Google. Lol