Battery monitoring pixhawk 5x

I have trouble using the PM02D and set the parameters for battery monitors.

The documentation says ‘Do not try to use the “Battery Monitor” tab to setup the I2C power monitors for the Pixhawk 5X’ and set the following parameters:

However, I don’t seem to have the last two parameters in my parameter list.

I use ardupilot 4.4dev, listed in the pixhawk 5x firmware repository.


I’d be interested to know how you got on with this, as I have a similar problem. As far as I can see, Battery 1 & 2 are configurable in QGroundControl from the GUI. But what you do if you want to use two redundant supplies I cannot find out. Ironic, as there are two battery inputs exactly for this sort of redundancy. Assuming two 5V BEC sources, each going through a PM02D or similar, into Power1 and Power2 of a Pixhawk 5X or 6X. My 1st worry is what happens about the I2C address?. The source code suggests the chip on the PM02D is set to use address 0x45 (69 decimal), and they must all be made the same. But you can’t have two devices on an I2C bus with the same address, unless you use some form of extra hardware arbitrator. So what do you have to do?. Your post suggest that you can set each PM02D’s address, but that doesn’t change the hardware??. There is nothing in any Holybro doc that I can find, and even a google search hasn’t found anything yet. I’m not sure about the commands you posted but I think BATT_ commands are deprecated and you should use BAT1_ and BAT2_ for the two supplies.