Battery Failsafe

Hi, I have a question about the way bettery failsafe works.
I have enabled failsafe on battery voltage of 10.5V.
If I run the quadcopter until the voltage drops below this then the quadcopter goes into landing mode and lands safely. However, if I re-arm the copter it allows me to take off and fly but the low voltage failsafe does not cut in and the voltage continues to drop until the the voltage is so low either the APM or a speed controller fails due to low voltage.
Even if the lipo voltage recovers to above the set failsafe voltage the failsafe never triggers again.
Is this the way it is designed or is it a bug

I have used afdupilot and droidpilot 1 and 2.6 to configure the APM
I am using an APM2.6

your observation is correct.
It seems noone ever thought about the possibility to land with an alarm - then take off.
If course, this could lead to user missing an alarm if it went off right before disarming.

Anyway - I submitted some code that wil reset it upon arming.

it seems to me that it is not completely solved. Am i wrong?
here the discussion on this forum with the procedure to reproduce the bug (i linked the post that summarize the procedure): viewtopic.php?f=100&t=10240&p=25421#p25421

i also wrote a post on github

i apologize to everybody. I don’t know how could it be possible but today i realized that i have an old fw version on my apm.
please forgive me and my spam post.