Battery failsafe

Hello all,

I have had a number of flights on the X8 now and things are progressing well. I haven’t had any ‘major incidents’ yet… but have gone through a number of props, and GPS mounts (3DR, if you’re listening, please design a better GPS mount :slight_smile:)

With the exception of one ‘rookie mistake’, I think all of my broken prop/copter flip mishaps have been after the battery failsafe has kicked in. The battery failsafe has functioned as expected most of the time and landed properly but a few times it seemed like once it was getting close to landing, the motors would not power down and would keep spinning and the copter continued moving as it would touch-down and would result in the copter flipping.

My question is, should I be switching to a specific flight mode when the battery failsafe kicks in, and also, does it matter what position the sticks are in when the failsafe kicks in and it’s attempting to land?

Thanks so much.

Warren M

No, it should land by itself and you don’t need to switch to any specific flight mode, it will respond to your yaw, roll and pitch RC commands but if the landing area is clear you don’t need to move the vehicle to a different position, since any command from your end will demand power from the battery to execute.

Here is more info about the failsafe: … failsafes/

Ok… it happened again… a crash when the battery failsafe kicked in and the Land mode was executed.

As the plane started to descend in the Land mode, it drifted a bit I tried to correct a little but the plane ended up touching down and the engines continued to be powered on which caused the X8 to flip over, and the props were still turning even when it was over?

I thought the Land mode was supposed to stop the engines? I’ve read the wiki and I will try decreasing the LAND_SPEED param, and might even just disable the battery failsafe.

I’ve looked at the log and I see a an error message:

Any ideas why this occurred?

I’ve posted the log file in the event someone is able to provide some assitance.



Agh…the low battery crash, I know that one. Mine is sitting on the shelve now until I can figure out how to shave off some weight. I have a lipo alarm and if I do fly it goes off at 3.9, this tells me land ASAP or crash is eminent. I believe the frames weight and how it sits makes it top heavy so roll overs are frequent. But that’s just from me, someone who is sick of paying for replacement parts.