Battery failsafe failed

I was purposely flying my drone with a used battery to test the battery failsafe. The autopilot detected the low battery level in the middle of the auto-mission, started beeping loudly, and sent warnings to the ground station, but it never triggered RTL. Maybe this is some kind of bug in the code?
I’m using a CubeOrange that is running Copter 4.1.3.
Here’s the flight log

you have 2 failsafes set, low battery is set to alarm at 14v, critical failsafe is set to rtl at 13.7v. you never hit 13.7v long enough to trigger RTL.

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I see. It’s a bit confusing, all the warnings are the same as when it is below the critical level and I was expecting it to RTL.

You cannot expect RTL success when battery is low (critical) unless you are close to the take off point and do not need to climb at RTL safety height … The “best” option is LAND.


Yes best practice is to have the first low battery as your RTL then second critical failsafe as land, ~

so the aircraft will fly home when its low but if it get too low it will try and land where it is rather than falling out the sky trying to make it back.

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